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The Gender Impacts Lab is committed to addressing gender inequities by promoting community development and empowering women, men, and youth through hands-on research to improve the lives of families and communities worldwide.

The Gender Impacts Lab strives to provide high quality research that promotes global gender equity by addressing issues to close gender and empowerment gaps.

About Us

The Gender Impacts Lab’s research addresses health and related disparities among minorities and vulnerable populations locally and globally. The Gender Impacts Lab conducts research for development that seeks to identify gaps and determine entry points to effectively implement gender and youth responsive research, evaluations, and interventions.

Our Goal

To continue building interdisciplinary partnerships to develop and implement culturally tailored novel research instruments and to shift cultural norms that increase opportunities for resilient individuals, households, and communities.

Mississippi Health Disparities

0 %
of teen mothers in the US who have a child before age 18 do not earn a high school diploma

Teen Pregnancy

0 %
of teen girls in the US who have dropped out of school identify pregnancy or parenthood as the primary reason for dropping out
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Dr. Kathleen Ragsdale discusses her ebaby4u project at an SEC Symposium. Because almost no online programs exist for minority teen mothers, Dr. Ragsdale saw a clear need to create a website and videos to provide culturally relevant information on “best practices” to optimize healthy food choices for infants.

Gender and Development Disparities


0 %
of the world's poor are women due to economic inequality.


0 %
of the total field work in crop agriculture in Africa is done by women.


0 %
of agricultural plots in Ghana are jointly owned by men and women.


The Gender Impacts Lab is associated with Mississippi State University (MSU) and the Social Science Research Center (SSRC).


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